Recruiting With P & A – Food Industry Specialists

P & A Food Industry Recruiting is the best alternative to do-it-yourself recruiting, and here are some very good reasons why:

We Have Years of Experience

We have been providing superior sales, technical and management personnel to our client companies for almost 40 years.  (Formerly Roth Young Executive Search of Philadelphia)

In our fiercely competitive business, only the firms that perform for their client’s year-in and year-out survive and prosper.  Our longevity and growth are testimony to the quality of service that we render to all our clients.

We Are Specialists

As specialists, account executives constantly keep current with industry trends through personal contacts, trade publications, conventions and seminars.  Your P & A Food Industry Recruiting account executive is in your industry day in and day out and therefore knows much more about the job market than someone who only enters it on isolated occasions.  He or she very likely knows something about your competition as well – not a bad edge to have when looking for a key staff member. 

We Have Access to the Most Qualified Candidates

More often than not, the executive you want is doing the job right now.  Since these people are currently employed, they are understandably reluctant to answer advertisements in a newspaper or respond to Internet postings.  On the other hand, your P & A account executive already has a relationship with many of these people or knows how to establish one.  In addition, because of P & A Food Industry Recruiting’s reputation, qualified candidates constantly seek us out for advice on career planning, which expands the size and quality of our applicant pool.

We Have the Interchange System

Through our Network Interchange System, 20% to 30% of P & A Food Industry Recruiting’s successful searches have resulted from a recruiter in one city identifying and locating the key candidate for a Networked office recruiter’s client in another city – sometimes clear across the country.  We work with recruiters all across the country.

We Have the Personal Knowledge of Candidates

Our account executives know a great deal about individual candidates as people, including their industry reputation, career, personal goals, job history, willingness to relocate, important values and motivations—so much more than any resume would indicate.  Plus, we add our own assessment of their abilities.  We take the necessary time to form the complete picture of a candidate—time you cannot afford to invest. 

Cost Effectiveness

Finding the right person for a key position isn’t merely cost-effective; it’s good business. 

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